How can I fall asleep tonight?

Här är min början på min engelska novell som vi gör i skolan. Kommentera gärna om vad ni tycker jag ska ändra eller vad jag har för stavfel eller grammatiskt fel :)

I just sat there and thought about stupid questions, like if John would ask me to the prom or if my best friend Lea liked Bella better than me.
I don't think about those questions any more. They don't mean anything now.
Everybody says that it wasn't anybody's fault, we couldn't done anything, couldn't change it. But I think there wrong, we could. We could have been better people.

 I'm Rachel and I was a teenager when it happened, but I'm not a teenager any more. Even if I would like to be one I had to become an adult, for me and everybody else. I don't even know who I am any more. I just know that my name is Rachel, I'm 17 years old and I didn't want this to happen.

 How can I fall asleep tonight?
“Rachel, are you still awake?” Jasper ask me.
“Yeah, can't sleep again” I answer.
“Because of the noise?” He sat down next to me. It's a dark night. Darker then usual but I can hear the marching men and the weapons go of.
When everything was normal I liked watching action movies, were cars blow up and people got shot. I will never watch a action movie again and don't think I can handle it any more.
“Yes. It's because of the noise” I whisper out. He leans his head against mine and after about ten minutes I can hear him snore and I smile quietly.

Detta var då bara början på berättelsen men skriv gärna vad du tycker :)<3

Postat av: Annie

WOW! Verkligen jättebra! Såg några ministavfel: I första stycket: But I think there wrong borde nog vara they´re istället. Och i dialogen Jasper asks me istället för ask. Och an action movie. Annars jättejätte bra :)

2010-10-27 @ 09:01:59
Postat av: Emma

Jätte bra!! Älskar!:D<3

2010-10-27 @ 19:55:12
Postat av: Ida [Foto]


2010-10-27 @ 22:08:40

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